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Piercing is one of the oldest and most practiced forms of body modification. This practice has been extended to many different areas of the body, including the navel. Navel piercing can take longer to heal completely. Knowing what to expect and how to care for the piercing can help you avoid complications.

Choose your piercing wisely

When you get a piercing, you are at risk of infections. The degree of risk depends on where you are piercing and the sterilization standards of the place and person who is piercing. That is why choosing a studio is so important. At Zlatanov Ink Tattoo & Pearsing, all piercing instruments are sterilized in a sterilizer. Don't rely on amateurs when it comes to piercings. When the piercing is done outside a specialized, sterile environment, the risk of contracting an infectious disease increases.

Ask about the sterilization process

While in the Zlatanov Ink Tattoo & Pearsing studio, ask about our process and the sterilization methods we use. Our team will be happy to explain all the sterilization steps. If you have additional questions about navel piercing, our medical specialist will answer all your questions. Usually, we use an autoclave to kill any possible bacteria or other pathogens on the equipment. The autoclave is usually used to sterilize instruments that can be reused. All piercing needles are disposable, sealed individually in sterile packaging. This means that they have not been used by anyone else. During the piercing, the person doing it must wear disposable gloves at all times.

Choosing an earring for the navel

Whether you have a navel piercing (or another part of your body), it is important to use quality jewelry. Degreasing the material can lead to unnecessary irritation or infection. The best metals that do not cause allergies and infections are gold either 14 or 18 carats, titanium, surgical steel. Avoid nickel alloys and brass. They may increase the risk of an allergic reaction.




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