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 If you have decided that the time has come to get a tattoo, but you are not sure where and what it should be, we can help you choose in our studio. You can browse our gallery of tattoos for men to have a general understanding of what you want, or we at Zlatanov Ink Tattoo & Pearsing can offer you a completely custom design for your tattoo.

 There are, of course, some very important steps to keep in mind before getting your first tattoo, because even if the tattoos are temporary and thanks to the removal techniques, the tattoo is an investment and should be considered carefully.

 First, choose a tattoo artist who works well and suits your personal style..

Your next consideration should be where you want to get your tattoo. Whether it's something you want to show, easy to hide or reveal, or it will be a more personal project that only you will see, we will help you choose. Your body will be your canvas, so it is important to choose the part of your body that you consider most appropriate for your tattoo. The back is extremely suitable for not very large concepts that you can expand in the future. If you just want to start with a small tattoo, the biceps or forearm are ideal for such projects, which can be completed in "sleeves" - half or full.

Another important part of the process that needs to be considered, whether this is your first tattoo or you are a veteran with more tattoos, is the pain threshold you have. There are some parts of the body where the skin is thinner and there the pain is greater. - legs, arms or clavicle. There are also places on the body with a larger set of nerves near the surface, the upper inner arm, the back of the knee, the hip area, the groin and the lower back - and in these places the tattoo will be more painful.

That is why it is vital to choose a tattoo and color scheme that are both meaningful and aesthetic for you. If you are not sure what kind of design you want, we will guide you and make you a design that is most suitable for you. Based on over 10 years of experience and the many and variable projects, we are convinced that you will be completely satisfied with your new tattoo on your arm, leg, back, or other part of the body.



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