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This question is constantly asked in ZlatanovInk Tattoo & Persing. And the answer may surprise you.

 The popularity of tattoos in Europe and Bulgaria is currently high. Over 42% of adults have at least one tattoo, and 68% of them have multiple tattoos. In some European cities, this percentage of people with tattoos, aged 18-34, reaches 80-90%. For years, the world of tattoos has been dominated by men. However, times have changed in the last few years (since 2012) as tattoos have become more of a social norm and more and more women are choosing to express themselves precisely with tattoos for women. Statistics show that in 2018 nearly 64% of people who visited a tattoo studio in Varna are women.


Olive Outman is considered the first tattooed white woman in the United States. After her family was killed by the Yavapais Indians in the 1980s, she was adopted and raised by the Mojave Indians, who tattooed her with a traditional tribal tattoo. Later, when she was adopted, at the age of nineteen, she became a famous person.


Margot Miflin's 1997 book, Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo, examines this trend, which turns out to be surprisingly long. The book is a cultural story, with pictures of tattooed women and women tattoo artists over the centuries, beginning with a white Indian captive with a tattoo on his chin from 1858. The third edition of the book includes a hundred new photos that look at how the culture of tattooing has evolved over the last fifteen years


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