Make an appointment for a tattoo!

Make an appointment for a pearsing!

Tattoo care begins as soon as a tattoo is done. First wash it and spread a thin layer of cream EASY TATTOO, then we put foil on it. The foil is removed after 2 hours. The tattoo is carefully washed with lukewarm water until the accumulated lymph is removed due to the stay of the tattoo with the foil!

Dry with a clean towel or kitchen paper, then apply EASY TATTOO cream. Apply a thin layer (too much will damage your tattoo)! The foil is applied to stop the lymph (if any) from which a crust is formed, as a result of which will damage your tattoo! In some cases, there is mucus (the mucus may be colored black or another color depending on the color range of the tattoo, this is normal)! EASY TATTOO cream is applied on the tattoo 3 times a day! The tattoo is washed with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap, in the morning after getting out of bed and in the evening before going to bed, dried and smeared with EASY TATTOO cream! During the day when you decide that the tattoo needs to be cleaned, wipe with BABY wet wipes (they do not contain alcohol that will irritate your skin)!

CAUTION In case of possible crust formation, do not pick or pull, when removing it, the ink will fall off if the place has not healed properly! Leave the crusts (if any, the goal is not to form) and the flakes to fall off on their own (this usually happens while washing the tattoo in the sink, while bathing or while wiping with wet wipes) many people do not even notice when it happened! In the process of healing your tattoo, it is perfectly normal for it to itch (this happens when a wound heals)! Do not scratch the tattoo, it will damage it! If you have a lot of itching, scratch the sides of it or gently scratch with your palm on it!

Do not expose to sunlight (intense sunlight) and UV light from the solarium for at least 1 month (this is if you can not stand more), it is desirable not to be exposed to UV rays for at least 3 months to keep it with the most saturated color (the upper layer of the skin heals between 3 and 6 months depending on the body), then if you decide to expose it to UV rays cover with sunscreen that has a factor of 50+! Do not enter swimming pools (there are chemicals in swimming pools that can cause inflammation of the tattoo and damage it), as well as the sea until your tattoo heals completely (sea water is salty and burns your tattoo because while it is fresh, it is a wound and will damage it) Do not expose to low temperatures and dust!


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